Dancearts offers adult classes

This video feature Dancearts' adult class.

COLUMBIA-- At Dancearts it is not just about performing, it is about loving what you do. Dancearts offers adult classes weekly. They started these classes to let adults continue to do what they love even if they are passed performing.

Llona Weiss started dancing at age 13. She’s been at Dancearts since the late 1970’s. Weiss started dancing because her dad was a dance instructor. From there her love of dancing kept going. She has only taken off one year in her entire life.

“After taking off one year and gaining weight I decided I would be dancing for the rest of my life, so I did,” Weiss said.

The adult classes allow adult to enjoy dancing without having the pressure of performing. Marie Robertson, director of Dancearts, said they started the adult classes because people would come in to take their daughters to dance said they missed when they use to dance. So the studio started offering classes for adults.

“They don’t want to perform, you know, they are kind of shy about that,” Robertson said.

The adult class is full of energy. The dancers spin and leap across the room. Weiss said is helps her health as well.

“It works both the mind and the body, and at this age I’m not interested in performing anymore I’m here to dance and enjoy it myself,” Weiss said.