Columbia Winter Farmers Market stays busy in the cold

This video is a story about the Columbia Farmers Market. It tells what they sell and what people are able to purchase at the market.

COLUMBIA-- Jazz is playing and people are bustling through the Columbia Winter Farmers Market. The market is open on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon at the Parkade Center. A winter market seems unlikely to draw a big crowd, but vendor Dorothy Canote, owner of Harvester, said that she sees her regular customers for the summer and then some.

“It is such a congenial atmosphere in here, it’s a whole different bazaar kind of a feeling, it’s very pleasant,” Canote said.

The type of produce you can find at the winter market is different from the summer market. Vegetables that are in season are sweet potatoes, winter squash and Brussels sprouts just to name a few. Jim Thies, owner of the Veggie Patch, said a buyer cannot expect to find tomatoes because they are not in season. Thies said a buyer should try to keep an open mind when looking for specific items in the market.

Although, farmers are able to provide more variety with hoop houses, Thies said they are used among the farmers.

“Truthfully the selection of products you can acquire at the winter market right now particularly is almost identical to what you would in the summer market,” Thies said.

If you stop by the Columbia Winter Market you’ll see the types of things local vendors have at their table and get some fresh, local food.